Lakeside Class

About Our Class

We are glad you stopped to take a look at all our class has to offer. We are a robust class that studies God’s Word together, loves & cares for each other, and knows how to have fun. Being a large class we have a broad spectrum of ages (50’s-90’s) but all of us realize that age is a state of mind, not to be limited by a number,

Lakeside Class meets upstairs in Room 210 at 9:45 am.


2022-2023 OFFICERS
  • President: Robert Hanie
  • Past President: David Simmons
  • Vice President: Don Fortenberry
  • Treasurer: Gary Green
  • Secretary: Karen Hanie
  • Event/Fundraising Team Rep: Kay Simmons
  • Teacher: Rupert Anthony
  • Prayer Team: Joy Lawrence/Karen Hanie
  • Newsletter: James Vaden
  • Golf Tournament Coordinator: Don Fortenberry
  • Sunshine: Martha Miller
  • Technology: Chuck Hudlow/Tim Sacrey
  • Event/Fundraising Team: Janet Anthony/Phyllis Fortenberry/Sharon Green/Karen Hanie/Kay Simmons/Patty Stewart/Karen Vaden/Darline Young
  • Missions Distribution Advisory Team: Officers & Omer Adams, Phyllis Fortenberry, Don Miller, & Marcia Woods